How to Design a Functional Mudroom That Also Looks Great

How to Design a Functional Mudroom That Also Looks Great


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MUDROOMS are getting a lot of attention right not only because of their practicality but because they are becoming a showpiece in and of themselves!


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If you have an area in the front or back of your home or even a hallway, turn it into something fabulous in the form of a mudroom.


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When you’re designing a mudroom, think first about how the space will be used.  


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Adding hooks, storage baskets, and a bench are must-dos when you’re designing a mudroom.


Thibaut (left)         Period Architecture (right)

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It doesn’t have to be a huge space for it to be something that gives your home a whole new level of function.
Once you have decided your layout and cupboard space, you can start thinking about the aesthetics.


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If it is a small, separate space, why not create a mudroom that has bold colours in the form of wallpaper or painted walls? You have the opportunity to experiment a bit more when you’re transforming a mudroom. 
Maybe you can use that floral or bird-printed wallpaper you’ve had your eye on for a while. You could also lacquer your walls.


Photo - Beatriz Da Costa. Country Living Magazine
 Edward Deegan Architects


If the mudroom is adjacent to your kitchen, give it a custom feel with built-in cabinetry mirroring your kitchen cabinets.


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Create a focal point with your light fixture or several pendant lights, and then add a beautiful rug. Your mudroom will get a lot of foot traffic, so make sure the rug can withstand wear and tear. A versatile indoor-outdoor rug is a good option.



Britt Design Studio, Styling and photo- Stylish productions. (left)         Timber Trails Homes (right)

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Finally, don’t forget the accessories. Maybe it’s artwork, a floral arrangement, or some cushions on the seating area.

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Whatever you do with your mudroom, make sure it’s an opportunity to show your style, have a little fun, and also that it lends itself to a more organised home with plenty of storage.

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See below for some basket and cushion ideas that you may be able to incorporate into your mudroom space.


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