Falling in Love with a Farmhouse Sink

Falling in Love with a Farmhouse Sink

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When you’re designing a Hamptons kitchen, there’s one statement piece you really can’t do without. The quintessential item in a Hamptons-style kitchen is a farmhouse sink.



 Photo - Aimee Mazzenga (left).        Build Prestige Homes (right)


A farmhouse sink is something that is timeless and looks high-end, no matter how much it costs. Because of the way it fits in your cabinet, it also looks incredibly custom, even when it’s not.



Design - Amanda Hornby (left).     Sanctuary Home Decor (right) 


It’s easy to envision standing in front of your farmhouse sink, daydreaming. In fact, a beautiful farmhouse sink may be one of the few things that make doing your dishes not so bad.


Design - Julie Blyons 1230 


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Aside from the aesthetic appeal, a farmhouse sink is great from a practical standpoint. They’re spacious and give you plenty of room in a deep basin.



Photos: Finding Lovely (left)      Bria Hammel Interiors - Spacecrafting photography (right)


A farmhouse sink is versatile enough to work in not just Hamptons-style kitchens but even more modern homes. These sinks truly are ageless.



Photos: Main House Interiors (left)    Black Band Design, Ryan Garvin Photo (mid)    Karrbick Design (right)


Along with a classic white sink, there are other options as well. For example, you can get a sink made in the same material as your countertops.


 Photo - Simply Smashing Design



Marie Flanigan Interiors (left)  Riverwood Building Company (right) 


You can also go with a stainless-steel farmhouse sink for an updated take on this beautiful design.


 Kitchen design by @the_fox_group_



 Images - @farmhouseunique (left)   @oldseagrovehomes (right)


 Whichever path you take, as far as the colour, material, and location of your sink, it’s guaranteed to be something that brings you years of joy. 


Design and photo @thermaland.oaks 


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