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Woollen Rug - Alpine Diamond

From $1,580

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From $1,580


A woollen rug is an excellent option for Hamptons and French style homes because it carries a sense of refinement, it’s an ode to the beauty of natural materials, and it’s durable and can be a great fit for any lifestyle. 

Wool rugs, particularly the ones we’re introducing, are also textured in a way that creates depth, and the opportunity to layer which is such a core design element of both quintessential Hamptons and French style. 

Wool also lends itself to a feeling of chic warmth, and these rugs are designed for longevity making them ideal for any space in a home, including high-traffic areas. The craftsmanship is impeccable and includes hooked, woven and hand-knotted items. Many of the rugs feature elegant patterns and neutral colour palettes, but some options also have pops of colour such as blue and green. 

Many of the rugs we’re introducing integrate a sense of coastal charm thanks to the colour palettes. From kitchens and entryways to living areas, these rugs are an ideal fit throughout a home. 



> 152cm x 243cm: $1580

> 243cm x 304cm: $3100



All Dash & Albert rugs are individually handmade and hand woven items and as such they are subject to the following variations, which are not considered faults or defects:

  1. Size - being a handmade product, the size can vary by +/-3% from the size ordered.

  2. Colour - the products are made primarily from natural and undyed fibres. Every effort is made to ensure there is minimal colour variation however

    some variation can be expected.

  3. Fading - placing rugs in direct and continuous sunlight will cause them to fade. Charcoal colour products will fade in natural light and/or sunlight.

    Some colour may transfer on light coloured surfaces. Rotate your rug to minimize damage caused by natural light.

  4. Design & Construction - minor variations may be evident, which is due to the fact that the product is a handmade item including line/weave thickness.

  5. Shading - due to changes in pile and weave direction shading may occur and is a natural characteristic of carpets and rugs.

  6. Shedding - this can occur in handmade rugs that are made from all natural fibres. Natural fibre rugs will initially shed loose fibres, this is a normal

    process. The removal of any loose fibres will be hastened by regular vacuuming using a good quality upright vacuum cleaner.

  7. Pilling - this can occur due to traffic, moving of furniture, vacuuming or other mechanical agitation. This can be trimmed with scissors.

  8. Pop ups - due to the type of weaving, there may be short fibres popping up while the rug settles. Do not pull the pop up. The pop up(s) can be

    trimmed or pushed through.



1.  What materials are Dash & Albert Woollen rugs made from?

The Dash & Albert Woollen Rugs are made from either 100% pure wool or a wool blend. 

2. How do Dash & Albert Woollen rugs feel to the touch?

Honestly they feel amazing, Whether it’s a woven rug, the soft low profile of a hooked rug or the beautiful soft and luxurious feel of a handknotted or tufted and carved rug, this collection provides you with a feeling of warmth and satisfaction that only comes from owning a high quality handmade Dash & Albert woollen rug.......they are truly luxe!
3. Where can I use a Dash & Albert Woollen rug?
These fantastic rugs can be used anywhere inside your house – formal dining areas, family rooms, kids bedrooms and playrooms, kitchens, hallways, stairs, the list goes on and on..... There’s really no place you can’t position one, so put your imagination to work and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the result.
4. Can Dash & Albert Woollen rugs vary slightly from their nominated size and /or in colour? 
As the Dash & Albert Woollen rugs are all handmade they may occasionally vary slightly in the size (+/- 3%) and/or colour. Dash & Albert make every effort to ensure that there is minimal colour variation however, some may be expected from time to time (5% is the Australian Standard for carpet colour variation). Slight variations in size and colour is not considered a manufacturers defect on handmade rugs.

5. What type of vacuum cleaner should I use to Woollen range?

To maintain the look, feel and longevity of your Dash & Albert Woollen rug you should vacuum the rug using a good quality, low powered vacuum cleaner fitted with a soft vacuum brush. The use of a vacuum cleaner fitted with either a rotating brush or bristle brush head can cause abrasion to the surface of the rug which in turn may cause the rug to fluff and pill. In extreme circumstances long term use of this type of vacuum cleaner may impact the structural integrity of the rug. Using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a soft vacuum brush or use of the upholstery attachment to vacuum will help prolong the life of your rug. 

6. My Dash & Albert Woollen rug appears to have wrinkles and rucking. Is this normal?
Following delivery and, upon unwrapping of your the Dash & Albert woollen rug it can sometimes appear to have wrinkles, rucking, bubbling and a curled up edge appearance. This is normal and is not considered a manufacturers defect on handmade rugs. This will rectify as the rugs settles. To expedite the settling process you can place the rug right side down on a flat surface for a few hours. After this time, return the rug to a right side up position.

7. What routine care and maintenance is required for a Dash & Albert Woollen rug?
Routine cleaning and maintenance of a Dash & Albert Woollen rug is very easy and time effective. Simply, lightly vacuum, sweep with a broom or pick up the rug and shake it out to remove the general daily build-up of dust and dirt. This routine care and maintenance will preserve the look, feel and longevity of your rug.

8. What should I do if I notice a stray thread “popping” out of my new Dash & Albert Woollen rug?

From time to time you may notice a stray thread popping up from your new Woollen rug. This is normal and is not considered a manufacturers defect on handmade rugs. To rectify this situation do not pull the thread, simply trim the stray thread with a sharp pair of scissors. You should continue to check for additional stray threads over the next few months and this process should slow down and eventually cease as the rug settles into position.


9. What should I do if my new Dash & Albert Woollen Hooked or Tufted & Carved rug is shedding or pilling?

From time to time you may notice your new Woollen rug is shedding or pilling. This shedding and pilling is normal and is not considered a manufacturers defect on handmade woollen rugs. To rectify this situation, lightly vacuum the rug in the affected areas using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a soft brush. You should continue to check for additional shedding and pilling over the next few months and this process should slow down and eventually cease as the rug settles into position.

10. Can heavy furniture cause indentations in my Dash & Albert Woollen rug?

Heavy furniture may cause attening of your Woollen rug. Dash & Albert recommend that you use furniture caps and to rotate your rug regularly to minimise indentations.

11. Will my Dash & Albert Woollen rug fade or change colour?

All natural products and fibres will be affected in some way by the sun. You should be aware that sunlight in Australia can be particularly harsh, even in winter, and this can have a bleaching effect on all types of rugs. There is no hard or fast rule – the amount of sun and its' intensity are the most obvious factors to consider when choosing a woollen rug for any particular location within your home. Colours may fade and natural fibres may even darken over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Dash & Albert recommend that you rotate your Woollen rug to minimise the damage that may be caused by exposure to direct sunlight.
12. How do I remove stains and marks from a Dash & Albert Woollen rug?
Dash & Albert recommend that all Woollen rugs should be professionally cleaned to remove stains and marks. Do not bleach, machine wash or tumble dry these rugs.

13. How have the various sizes of Woollen rugs been used by other customers?

These rugs are a sophisticated and stylish addition to any home and there are a wide variety of ways they can be used in your indoor living areas. As a general guide we offer the following suggestions:

Doormats: think entrances, kitchen sinks and laundry sinks
Runners: perfect for hallways, stairs and galley kitchens
Small Area Rugs: ideal for a child’s bedroom, children’s play areas and small living areas
Large Area Rugs: fabulous for large living areas both formal and informal, dining rooms and games and billiards rooms


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