White Bamileke Table

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Featuring a stunning natural appearance, the Bamileke tables are beautifully crafted by the Bamileke tribe in the grasslands region of the Cameroon. They are carved from a single tree trunk. 

These tables are charmingly rustic, with imperfections that add to the uniqueness of their hand made nature.  They add a textural, organic element to your room. The Bamileke table can be used as a stool with a cushion, side table, bedside table or coffee table, depending on the size you order. Higher sizes are also available on request.

As stools and tables, these are very sturdy and strong. However the sides are delicate and can crack or break if bumped hard. As wood is a living thing, contraction and expansion can occur, resulting in fine cracks in the paintwork.

NB: Dimensions are approximate within a few cm as they are all natural and each one is slightly different.


  • 35cm x 40cm: $648 
  • 40cm x 40cm: $670 
  • 45cm x 40cm: $738 
  • 50cm x 40cm: $783 
  • 55cm x 40cm: $783
  • 60cm x 40cm: $799
  • 70cm x 40cm: $1,089
  • 80cm x 40cm: $1,260
  • 90cm x 40cm: $1,737