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We’re excited to announce our NEW exclusive virtual design services to our customers throughout Australia.

Wherever you are in Australia, you have the opportunity to achieve the Hamptons or French aesthetic you’re looking for with our innovative, convenient and customised services.

​​Our online interior design services are offering clients more opportunities to have the look and polished feel of a high-end, professionally decorated space which is both time and cost effective.


So how does it work? 


 You email us photos of the room or rooms you’d like designed with any pieces you have in mind and any inspiration you might feel drawn to.

Our professional interior designer then creates a completely distinctive storyboard and floorplan inclusive of furniture and homewares from our collection.

It’s all pulled together in a way that’s not just specific to you, but also guided by expertise. You don’t have to worry about scheduling a time or meeting face to face.



Benefits of E-Decorating

The objective of our new e-decorating services is to open up a world of design possibilities to people around Australia in a way that’s going to work for their lifestyle and their budget.

We can help you create the plans for the ideal Hamptons or French style living space - it becomes a partnership with our design team and you as the client.

You won't just have a look that’s professionally designed, but you also get the beauty and style of bespoke, independent design, rather than going with a look you sourced from a big box store or something that looks unoriginal or uninspired.

The Lavender Hill e-design services are all about personalised style with expert direction.




Bedroom or Living Room: $350 per room

Entry/Hallway, Dining Room, Study, Kid's Bedroom: $250 per room

Discounts apply to 2 or more rooms


For more information please call us on (02) 9313 9085 or click HERE to send us a message.