Rattan Bedhead

Rattan Bedhead

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Quality Fabric Bedheads Online

At Lavender Hill Interiors, you’ll find a wide selection of bedheads to suit your needs. From plain linen to button designs and winged styles in a range of colours, it has never been easier to create the perfect bedroom. Acting as both your interior designer and online store, we are the ideal solution for anyone looking to restyle their bedroom. Enabling our customers to buy upholstered bedheads online, transforming your room has never been easier. 

Why buy upholstered bedheads?

Fabric headboards add the finishing touch to any bedroom, however many people choose to reserve them for the master bedroom only. Upholstered headboards can provide a relaxed, warm, yet elegant touch to your bedroom. Here are some interior design benefits of choosing to buy linen bedheads online with Lavender Hill Interiors:

Great for colour matching- When you buy fabric bedheads, you have a great opportunity to mix and match in terms of colour and style. Choose a selection of cushions and throws in complimenting tones, or opt for a pop of colour that will bring a whole new look to your space – the choice is yours.

Opens up the room - These are a great alternative to beds that have a footboard, which can often feel and look constrictive – especially in smaller sized rooms. Bedheads will draw your attention to the back of the room and make an area feel more open. 

Comfortable - The upholstered bedheads you will find in our online store not only look gorgeous but are comfortable too - especially useful for those who like to read in bed or watch television.

Affordability - Compared to many other bedheads on the market, our linen bedheads are an affordable alternative to dress up your bedroom whilst still staying within budget.