The farmhouse table is an essential in French country homes - rustic, time worn, and always large enough to accommodate family and friends. It is the perfect meeting point for hearty breakfasts, big family gatherings at home, and those many moments that in the future, will bring a nostalgic smile to your face.



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You can bring the warm and welcoming beauty of the French countryside to your very own space, by making sure to include these elements in your home styling:


No 1

Use naturally distressed furniture - The ambiance of the French countryside is one of easy and practical living. This is where the sturdy wooden panels of elegant furniture like the French farmhouse table fits in perfectly. Instead of the more formal, highly-polished pieces, opt for those whose wood is natural, time worn. Worn paint, carved wood details, and even small flaws that come with use are perfect accents for the farmhouse look.

No 2

Add rusted metal or old ceramic accessories - Soft tones of lavender, rose, and sky blue are the colors of a French farmhouse-inspired home. You can complete the idyllic feel of that era by including home accessories made of rusted metals like old gardening pails, wire baskets or stone or ceramic urns. This touch of vintage reinforces the classic appeal of farmhouse styling.

No 3

Organic textures will bring your French farmhouse full circle - Farmhouse styling hails from hard work of industrious villagers during the Renaissance period. Hand-weaved baskets, burlap furniture covers, and linen tablecloths will add that quaint, rustic charm to your interiors. 

Rule of thumb to follow in French farmhouse styling - it is centered on accepting the beauty of imperfect textures, the abundance of delicate details, and most importantly, the magnetic appeal of a truly comfortable home.


French Farmhouse Dining Table from Lavender Hill Interiors

Our classic quintessentially French farmhouse style dining table features double pedestal legs joined by a stretcher and is crafted from solid oak with the highest attention to detail. 

Natural imperfections and markings in the oak make each table unique.  These features are by no means defects but part of the beauty of this rustic farmhouse table.

It’s timeless form and easy strength makes it versatile as an informal family kitchen table teamed with cross back oak dining chairs or as a more formal setting with our linen tufted dining chairs.