1. Size does matter, choose yours well

Decorating with cushions means elevating the comfort level of the space you decide to put them in. If you plan to use them in the living room, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a space that says ‘relax’ and ‘put-your-feet-up’.

If you have a big space and are aiming for a more casual ambiance, oversized cushions which are around 50cm square, are the way to go. You can put them on your sofa, and set up a couple more on the floor. For more traditional set-ups, regular-sized cushions which are around 40cm in size are the safest bet. They also fit most sofas with standard dimensions, so they make for great housewarming gifts too.


2. Let your cushions give your space balance

This can seem like a tricky question to answer, but how many cushions does a sofa really need? As with most decorating questions, the answer will most of the time be ‘it depends’. With an elegant, classic decorating theme, you’ll be looking at about four. They can be placed on either ends of the sofa, and can also be a pairing of large and small-sized ones.

For more contemporary styling concepts, you can go with an odd number of cushions, like three or five. You can infuse a more laid-back ambiance by having one or two of the cushions leaning on the backrest, and the smaller ones seem like they’ve just been casually placed on top of the sofa. Keep in mind that cushions can be square, rectangular, or even in bolster form.



3. Coloured cushions speak volumes

Cushions spell power when it comes to punctuating the look of your space, especially in the living area. They can easily make, break, or totally change your design concept in a matter of seconds. If your set-up is more old-world, choose colors that match your walls.

Those going for a Hamptons-inspired space may go for natural hues or pair them with soft blues and navy. If you have a more modern and minimalist space, you can use cushions to add that splash of colour through bright shades of red, orange, or any vivid shade that complements other main decorative pieces in the room.


4. Patterns spell pizzazz

Solid-colored cushions are a great choice for just about any living room set-up. Keep them handy to match with patterned pieces. Cushions serve as your non-committal way of taking those exciting design risks through the patterns you choose.

To ensure that your cushions still pull your room’s look together, do take your color cue from another main point in the area like your wall colour, furniture or a large art piece.

If you’re not a big fan of visual accents through patterns, you can always go for a different texture. They’re a subtle way of injecting a new dimension through your cushions. Satin and velvet are perfect for old world themed rooms. If a French farmhouse look is what you’re going for though, choose linen cushions with braided or fringe trimming.

A well-decorated space says a lot about the person who lives in it. If you want to translate your personal style and character through your home without breaking the bank, just whip out the cushions and let them do the talking.