Inspiration and Tips for Introducing Rugs into your Home Decor

One of the primary design elements of most Hamptons-inspired homes are timber floors. Whether dark, rich floors or lighter toned floors, you’ll almost always see this in coastally-inspired spaces.

There’s a reason for that—wooden floors are beautiful, versatile, and they represent natural elegance. At the same time, there is an opportunity to include rugs in your rooms as well. Rugs can add warmth, depth, and dimension. They’re great for adding more layers to the design of a room, and they can just make everything feel softer and more comfortable.

There is something classically beautiful about a chic rug layered on a wood floor or any floor surface. Below are some of our favourite tips for introducing area rugs into your home.

Dash & Albert Catamaran Striped from Lavender Hill Interiors


Let the Rug Be a Focal Point

In many spaces, an area rug can be considered the foundation of the design. You can start there as you’re designing the room and then move upward. This is especially true if you’re choosing a rug with bold colours or patterns. When a rug is a focal point, you should build your furniture placement and colour palettes around it.

If you’re going with a neutral rug, such as beige or white, you may not have to start with the rug, but it can still be the part of the room that pulls everything together and unites the design. 

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 Get the look with Dash & Albert Catamaran Stripe Rug from Lavender Hill

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 Get the look with Dash & Albert Rugby Stripe Denim Rug from Lavender Hill


How Do You Choose a Size?

A rug should be chosen based not on the size of the room but on the configuration of your furniture. It’s best to go for a size that will extend past all your seating. You want an area rug to serve as an anchor to a room, without blocking the natural flow of the space.

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 Get the look with Dash & Albert Blue Stripe Rug from Lavender Hill

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 Get the look with Dash & Albert Natural Jute Rug from Lavender Hill


A lot of Hamptons homes are very simple and chic in their design and their colour palettes. There are primarily neutral tones, and accessories are simple and minimal. The rug can be a place to experiment with a bit of pattern. For example, stripes, herringbone, and diamond-patterned rugs can all be good for adding visual interest while still adhering to the tenants of Hamptons design style. The same can go for colour.

Dash & Albert Blue and White Diamond Rug from Lavender Hill


Define Different Areas with Rugs

If you have a large space that’s very open but lacks a lot of definition between areas, use a rug to change that. Having different area rugs with varying furniture placements can really define what’s what in an open room.

For example, in a large living area, you can define the dining area with one  rug, the seating area with another, and a hallway with yet another. The placement of the rugs can be used to separate these different spaces, but at the same time bring together the overall design of the room.


Dash & Albert Herringbone Indigo from Lavender Hill Interiors  


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 Get the look with Dash & Albert Catamaran Stripe Rug from Lavender Hill


Another option that’s popular in design right now is layering multiple rugs. An example would be using a woven, deeply textured jute rug, and layering a softer rug on top of it. The jute rug brings in a rustic and naturally-inspired element, while the top layer is going to soften the space and ensure it remains warm and inviting.

Finally, along with area rugs, don’t limit yourself as to where you place these floor coverings. Runners work in a kitchen to give warmth to the hard floors normally found in this room. Runners are also great for elongating a room and making it appear larger. Hallways are another perfect spot for a long runner. 


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