How to Create a Timeless Children's Bedroom

How to Create a Timeless Children's Bedroom

Chic. Classic. Sophisticated.

Not necessarily the first words that come to mind when you’re thinking about creating a children’s room, but you can capture those elements while at the same time making a space that’s comforting and inviting with some smart, simple design tips.

When you can capture sophisticated design elements that still manage to be kid-friendly, your child won’t outgrow the space, making it timeless and enduring. It becomes a room that can grow along with your little one.

Select the Right Colour Palette

The colour palette you choose for a child’s room is going to set the tone for everything else. Try to choose light, airy neutrals that are versatile. An airy colour will keep the space feeling bright and cheerful, and a neutral like a light gray will keep the entire space feeling chic. 

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Go with High-Quality Furnishings

There tends to be a misconception when decorating a child’s room that it’s better to go with inexpensive items. The thought is that with the wear and tear kids put on them, it’s not worthwhile to spend extra money.

In reality, quite the opposite is true.

When you choose high-quality furnishings in rich, textured fabrics and with high-end construction, not only is it going to set the tone for a beautifully decorated room, but these are the items that will be long-lasting. Rather than spending money every few months or years to replace the furnishings in your child’s room, when you choose the right pieces of furniture, you’ll find that they last for many years.

Another benefit of choosing well-crafted furnishings is the ability to incorporate it into other areas of your home if you’re no longer using it in your child’s room. 

Keep Patterns Simple and Textures Luxurious

You might be thinking a neutral colour palette will be too boring for your child’s taste or will feel too unoriginal. This isn’t the case at all, particularly when you infuse a few unique patterns and textures.

To begin, choose two patterns, but try to limit it to no more than that. You might use patterns in the bedding, or perhaps curtains or floor textiles. It will give a pop of visual interest, as will the use of textures.

You could select an upholstered, textured bedhead, or a beautiful, oversized linen armchair, for example.

Whatever you opt for, great textures are perfect for a kid’s room, and high-quality textiles tend also to be more resilient to stains and spills. They can also add to the overall comfort level of the space, and make it feel like a place your kids want to settle in and relax. 



Incorporate Quirky Accessories

What’s great about opting for a soothing, neutral colour palette, particularly with light shades, is that you can then play around with more vibrant accessories. Rather than going over-the-top with a theme or a room full of characters or primary colours, incorporate these more fun elements in the accessories.

This helps keep the room sophisticated, while still infusing child-friendly whimsy. What’s great about confining the quirkier items to the accessories is that it’s easy to then change them out when your child’s tastes change. For example, frame fun art prints to hang on the wall, or add pops of bright colors in the pillows or textiles.

With the tips included in this blueprint, you can transform your kids’ room from an eyesore to an elegant, relaxing space that everyone in the family enjoys.

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