Dash & Albert Rugs - Founder Annie Selke's Inspiration & Philosophy On Her Gorgeous Hamptons Inspired Rugs

Dash & Albert Rugs - Founder Annie Selke's Inspiration & Philosophy On Her Gorgeous Hamptons Inspired Rugs

“I think we all deserve a home that makes us happy. For me that doesn’t mean fancy or over the top; it means filling your life with people, pets and things you love, and creating a haven of comfort that strikes the balance between fashion and functionality.”

Annie Selke, founder of Dash & Albert Rugs.


We’ve been so excited about the opportunity to stock Dash & Albert rugs. These rugs have design features which impeccably reflect a Hamptons-inspired design. They’re also created with real life and real people in mind. 

Dash & Albert was founded by Annie Selke in 2003, but she started her design business many years earlier as Pine Cone Hill, launched at her sewing machine at her dining room table. A traveller and flea-market hunter, Annie’s headquarters is in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, USA.

She remains personally involved and hands-on every step of the way in the design of every rug, showing what a labour of love her company is.

Dash & Albert Inspiration

“I look to the past for the endless inspiration it offers, plucking the pretty and the practical. I analyse the present for trends in lifestyle, significant shifts in consciousness, and clues for how people live now. I also keep an eye on fashion’s emerging colours and fabrics, then I assess and decide how to mix, blend and answer future lifestyle needs.”

“Design is my life. It is my passion and my profession. I’ve always been an eyes-wide-open, soak-it-all-up-like-a-sponge kind of gal, and I draw on a lifetime of visual imagery and on thoughts I’ve had on decorating and life lessons I’ve learned along the way.”

Annie Selke, Founder of Dash & Albert


Great design is nothing without superior quality! When Annie is working on designing new items, quality is worked into every part of the product development and production processes.

Annie's designs have been featured in hundreds of magazines, blogs, social posts, and TV segments internationally.


The rugs are beautifully designed and are of exceptional quality. The rugs are hand made by skilled artisans in India under fair trade conditions. Dash & Albert adamantly oppose the use of child labour and all the rugs and accessories are hand loomed and hand hooked in fair-labour, fair-trade workshops.

Dash & Albert Rug Company offers a happy selection of wool, cotton, indoor/outdoor, jute, sisal and blended rugs in a variety of beautiful weaves, colours and patterns. Spirited and well-bred, these rugs are the smart solution for floors pining for personality.

They believe that home products should never be so precious that they can’t stand up to typical traffic, the occasional "oops," or a glob of pet slobber, so we craft them of the finest materials which allows them to weather years of loving use, and even regular cleaning or washing of our indoor-outdoor collection!



Take the time to browse our timeless, classic and durable Dash & Albert rugs—the ideal way to bring together a room and create warm, cohesive and livable space.


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