21 Insanely Gorgeous Hamptons Style Living Rooms to Inspire You

21 Insanely Gorgeous Hamptons Style Living Rooms to Inspire You

Here at Lavender Hill Interiors, we love to focus on the living room which is often the social hub of a home and other rooms are built around it so-to-speak. Hamptons style is about comfort, livability, and functionality and the living room can capture all of these considerations so well.


When designing a Hamptons living room, even if you’re working with an expansive, open space, you want to make it feel cozy and warm. This can be achieved by creating furniture groupings. For example, an oversized sectional creates a conversation and gathering space in a room, or maybe a sofa with several other club chairs as seating.

Interior designer - Natalee Bowen from Indah Island

Image via Built by Sexton Griffith Custom Builders


Symmetry is an important element of Hamptons design, so you’ll often see pairs of things such as chairs and end tables and sofas that sit opposing one another. Table lamps often come in pairs in Hamptons living rooms, as do other types of light fixtures such as sconce lighting flanking either side of a fireplace.

Image via Muskova Living Interiors

Interior designer - Marco Meneguzzi

 Image via Pinterest

Interior designer - Veranda House Interiors

All pieces from Lavender Hill Interiors

Interior Designer - Denai Kulcsar

Interior Designer - Leilani Ryder


The furnishings tend to be large in scale and oversized, creating an inviting place to land whether entertaining or relaxing at the end of the day.

While colour palettes are typically neutral with shades of white and ivory, accent colours might include varying shades of blue and green for a sea-inspired feel, and floor coverings often integrate texture. For example, jute rugs and woven rugs make an excellent addition to a Hamptons living room.

Image via Home Bunch

Image via Alair Homes Saltlake

Image via Pinterest

Interior designer - Lynda Kerry

Interior Designer - Natasha Levak

Interior designer - Lynda Kerry


Image via Pinterest

Image via Amity Dry


Natural light is essential not only in Hamptons living room, but any Hamptons room and perhaps more important than nearly anything else is the feeling that a Hamptons living room is one that’s welcoming. A Hamptons living room isn’t fussy or ornate, although it manages to capture a sense of casual elegance.

Image via Karyn Millet Photography

Image via Lilypad Cottage


All pieces from Lavender Hill Interiors

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Take the time to browse our timeless classic collection of Hamptons style living room furniture to create your own Hamptons haven.  


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