Natalee Bowen Talks about Creating the Perfect Hamptons Home With Linea Weatherboard

Natalee Bowen Talks about Creating the Perfect Hamptons Home With Linea Weatherboard


Natalee Bowen of Indah Island is one of the leading designers in Australia, particularly when it comes to Hamptons-style aesthetics. Recently Natalee had the opportunity to tour some of the Hamptons most magnificent homes with James Hardie Linea Weatherboard and talks about capturing quintessential Hamptons style 

According to Natalee, the focus of any Hamptons home is integrating nature into the design and bringing the outdoors in. She also says while the classic Hamptons home is in a coastal area, it’s really all about making the Hamptons style work within your environment, wherever that may be.

1. How would you describe the Hamptons look?

The style of housing in the Hamptons is architecturally magnificent, and the furnishings are made to match this sense of opulence.

To get the Hamptons look, it’s all about bringing the outdoors. Some tips for this include:

  • Positioning the doors and windows so they maximise light
  • Capturing the colours of the coast such as whites, blues, greens and creams
  • Using panelling that flows from the weatherboard outside to the internal detailing like skirting and cornices

2. The Hamptons look is synonymous with the coast but can it work inland? 

Absolutely, the Hamptons style is not reserved exclusively for beachfront properties. The look is equally at home in the city or country. The best way to adapt the Hamptons look for a different setting is by understanding the requirements of your environment. For example, to create a country Hamptons home, I would recommend Linea™ weatherboard. Linea weatherboard allows you to achieve the classic weatherboard look without the maintenance of timber. It’s also resistant to termite and bushfire damage which is perfect for a rural setting.

3. The look is popular in America, so how has it been adapted to suit the Australian lifestyle?

The Hamptons is renowned for its summer getaways over three months of the year, whereas Australia’s climate screams for open-plan living designs that are made for entertaining all-year round.

While Australian homes were once renowned for the colonial look with sweeping verandas and wooden mouldings, I think we now steer towards a more sophisticated and elegant style which is defined by clean weatherboard lines and a pared-back colour palette. I suggest consulting your builder or designer who will be able to suggest the right materials for adapting the classic Hamptons look to your area.

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