Hamptons Inspiration in these 8 Beautiful Living Rooms

What is it about the Hamptons interior design style that continues to capture the attention of homeowners around the world, no matter how far they may be from the Hamptons’ shoreline and coastal Long Island beauty?

Why is it a style that’s so emulated and admired?

Hamptons style is timeless, elegant and sophisticated. It manages to evoke a sense of enduring beauty and luxury with comfort, simplicity, and livability. When you walk into a Hamptons living room, you’re likely to encounter luxe, oversized furniture that feels made for relaxing with friends and family. These living rooms are also bright and airy, letting the outdoors flood naturally into the space, and details and accessories borrow heavily from natural seaside elements from driftwood and grasscloth to beautifully-coloured sea glass.

Rich textures are layered on one another for visual interest, while a soft, soothing colour palette keeps a Hamptons living room effortlessly chic.

Below are 8 beautiful living room design inspirations that perfectly capture what’s that’s so coveted in Hamptons interior design. 


No 1 Soft Shades of Blue and Architectural Details

In this Hamptons-inspired living room, soft, gentle shades of blue are paired with white slipcovers and light-coloured window coverings. The soft décor style gives focus to the beauty of the architectural elements of the living room, including the classic coffered ceilings.

Small infusions of deep browns add earthiness and root the airiness of the rest of the design. 

Source: Our Boathouse


2. Natural Texture and Open Space

In the below Hamptons-style living room, there are clear sight lines, and natural light has an uninterrupted flow. The slipcovered linen furniture is paired with a jute floor covering, and bronze and marble accent tables complete the look and juxtapose the soft lines of the furnishings.

Minimal amounts of color are incorporated with a throw, flowers and greenery.


Source: Architectural Digest


3. An Inviting Sectional and Patterned pillows

The oversized scale of this plush, naturally-coloured sectional sofa invites people to come in, relax and unwind. The neutral colour palette of this room is paired with contrasting patterned throw pillows throughout the sofa, as well as subtle pattern on the area rug. The living area is open to the kitchen and dining room, creating an ideal flow for entertaining. 

Source: SIta Montgomery Interiors


4. Shades of Blue

While Hamptons interior design style is often characterized by the use of white and off-white as the primary colour, this living room features a different take, with varying shades of blue. Despite the addition of blue in the sofa and throughout the wall colour, window coverings and accessories, it still feels cohesive and chic.  

Source: Melinda Hartwright Interiors


5. Elegant Hamptons

This living room is a traditional classic take on quintessential Hamptons design. Still using neutrals, pale blues and crisp white as the predominant colours, the designs are plush, elegant and oversized.

Lavender Hill Interiors


6. Refined Rustic Elegance

This room is the epitome of sophistication, with white furniture and floor coverings, and walls textured with white wood panels. The windows are left uncovered for simplicity and full light, and the natural inspiration is drawn from the outdoors in the form of the greenery and wood coffee table, while textures and throw pillows are layered.

Source: Coastal Style  


7. Metal Infusion

While you might inherently think of soft upholstery and comfortable oversized furnishings when you envision Hamptons style, there are opportunities for unique or unexpected twists as well. This living room is a perfect example. The white colour palette is uniquely combined with the iron chandelier, giving the otherwise very warm room a touch of refreshing balance. Achieving balance is key to decorating with Hamptons influence.

Source: How to Decorate


8. Glamorous Grey

Grey is one of the most used neutrals in home design right now, and this Hamptons-esque living room offers a different approach to the typical colour palette. This beautiful space with soaring ceilings and natural wood beams includes a plush, gray velvet sofa, and stunning club chairs. The sleek sophistication of the sofa contrasts nicely with the rustic plank coffee table.  

Source: Pinterest


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