Guide to Choosing the Perfect Towels

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Towels

Towels in a bathroom are like furniture in your living room - your choices will spell the level of comfort and style you get from that space. You may have always looked at towels as utilitarian items, which is what they are, over and above anything. But also considering them as design elements will let you maximize their use. With those aspects to think about, how exactly should you go about finding the best towels?

Quality and Absorbency

 First and foremost, prioritize quality and absorbency. With towels, quality relies a lot on the weight or GSM (grams per square meter) of the fabric. This is also what dictates their thickness and absorbency level.Those that are ultra-durable, soft, and luxurious are in the higher GSM ranges of 600 to 900.

Turkish woven towels prove to be the most ideal, if you want to get the best of both worlds - that is quality and practicality. They are known for their luxurious texture, but are equally lauded for being lightweight, quick-drying, and for their durability. They are known to last longer than most cotton towels, even after several uses.



Size also matters. There is a wide range of towel sizes, and they usually vary depending on what they can be used for. Bath towels are generally sized about 150cm x 70cm and are the best size for everyday use after showers.

Bath sheets, which offer more in terms of coverage, are sized at around 170cm x 90cm. Hand towels and washcloths are equally important, as they are often used for smaller drying needs like after washing the hands and face. 



Make the best colour choices to match your bathroom interiors. Classic colors like white, grey, charcoal, or wheat shades can work with just about any other colour you want to pair them with. Earth hues like tea and ink can add a punch of character to your bathroom space, without sacrificing that air of easy elegance. Textured patterns in towels like piqued borders or chenille ribbing, will help you add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise generic stretch of space.



Quality towels are guaranteed to last longer than your standard ones, but if you want them in prime condition all the time, make sure to employ proper care techniques. Wash them before first use to set the colors and improve their absorbency. Make sure they are well-dried before putting in storage - but avoid overdrying as well, as this can cause damage to the cotton fibers. Fabric softeners are not recommended.

Enhancing your daily bathroom experience begins with spotting the perfect towels, so be extra conscious of the choices you make. 


Luxurious Bemboka Towels from Lavender Hill Interiors

Lavender Hill Interiors have introduced new colours to its' extensive range of luxury world-renowned Bemboka products - ravishing Turkish-woven towels in classic Eastern colours - Tea and Ink.

The new towel colours compliment our range of Bemboka choices - which include fine angora and wool blankets, throws and bedding.

Enliven your bathroom with sweet Tea or rich Ink towels which are soft, thick and highly absorbent. The sophisticated colour palette will make them a bathroom classic for years to come. 

We also offer other colours including White, Dove, Grey, Charcoal, Natural and Wheat.

The towels are woven in Turkey on jacquard looms in a weight of 650gsm. They feature a beautiful pique border design with chenille ribbed stripes. The matching bath mats are thickly ribbed for pure comfort.

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