The Most Divine Hamptons Inspired Rooms with Dash & Albert Rugs

The Most Divine Hamptons Inspired Rooms with Dash & Albert Rugs

One of the primary design elements of most Hamptons-inspired homes are timber floors. Whether dark, rich floors or lighter toned floors, you’ll almost always see this in coastally-inspired spaces.

There’s a reason for that—wooden floors are beautiful, versatile, and they represent natural elegance. At the same time, there is an opportunity to include rugs in your rooms as well. Rugs can add warmth, depth, and dimension. They’re great for adding more layers to the design of a room, and they can just make everything feel softer and more comfortable.

There is something classically beautiful about a chic rug layered on a wood floor or any floor surface.

We’ve been so excited about the opportunity to stock Dash & Albert rugs. These rugs have design features which impeccably reflect a Hamptons-inspired design. 

We have curated a selection of our best selling Dash & Albert rugs as styled by Dash & Albert, interior designers, magazines & bloggers. 



 Image via Dash & Albert

Image via Life On Virginia Street

Blue Striped Indoor/Outdoor Rug - from $385 


Designed by Denai Kulscar 


Catamaran Stripe Navy/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug - from $365 


Image via Hamptons in the Highlands

Coco Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug - from $430 


Interior design by Melinda Hartwright

Mark D. Sikes Woollen Rug Big Sur - From $1395


Image via Dash & Albert


Gunner Stripe Cotton Rug - From $385


Image via Pinterest

Rugby Stripe Denim Indoor/Outdoor Rug - from $365 


Image via Dash & Albert

Corfu Blue Stripe Jute Rug - From $950


Image via Dash & Albert

Temple Ink Woollen Rug - From $1695


Interior design by Melinda Hartwright

Mark D. Sikes Cotton Rug Ojai Blue - From $465

Take the time to browse our timeless, classic and durable Dash & Albert rugs—the ideal way to bring together a room and create warm, cohesive and livable space.


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