8 Chic Hamptons Bedrooms you will love

8 Chic Hamptons Bedrooms you will love

If you love Hamptons interior design, but you aren’t sure where to start in your home, the bedroom can be a perfect place. There’s a lot about a bedroom that’s a natural fit with Hamptons style, especially as it’s about comfort, functionality, and furniture and décor items that you can imagine enjoying in your everyday life.

Thanks to the soft, soothing colour palettes, breathable natural materials, and casual design details, Hamptons style reflected in a bedroom lends itself to an effortless ease and a relaxed feeling that’s ideal here. You want to begin and end each day in a bedroom that feels like a place where you can instantly unwind, and that’s what Hamptons style décor and furnishings accomplish.

The Furniture

A must-have focal point in a Hamptons bedroom is a large, upholstered headboard in most cases. An upholstered headboard feels classic and elegant, but also soft. Detailing like tufts and winged sides add a bit of design detailing, as do nailheads.

If you don’t opt for an upholstered bed, a wood bed can also work well, if it’s in a neutral shade and still feels substantial, oversized and comfortable.

Other furniture you can include in a Hamptons bedroom design includes a bed ottoman placed at the foot of the bed, which is utilitarian and also adds a sense of luxury and elegance to the room. 

Duck egg blue linen buttoned bedhead from Lavender Hill

Natural linen bedhead from Lavender Hill


Navy linen buttoned bedhead from Lavender Hill 

Source: Pinterest


The Bedding

No bedroom design is complete without the perfect bedding, and in Hamptons design, that’s achieved with lots of layering.

Cushions, comforters, quilts, and throws can create that lived-in layered look that makes your bed call to you the second you walk in the room. If you opt for natural fabrics for your bedding, such as soft cotton or linen, it will also be breathable and keep you comfortable while you enjoy restful nights.

Choose neutral colours for the primary components of the bedding, and if you want small pops of colour, add them in the cushions and throw blankets.

With the bedding and really all of the elements of a Hamptons bedroom, shades of pale blue make a great option to infusion colour. 

Source: Phil & Amity Doing Our Block


Source: Pinterest

Window Coverings

Hamptons interior design is about bright, natural light, and letting the outdoors pour in, so you could keep your bedroom windows bare, but if you prefer a bit more light blocking for those sunny mornings, opt for soft flowing curtains or plantation shutters in a light colour that feels airy.

Roman shades in a light-coloured fabric or shades in a natural material such as bamboo can also work well as bedroom window coverings.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


Floor Coverings

Floor coverings should feel welcoming to your feet, whether it’s late at night or early in the morning. Soft, natural fibers with woven patterns can look great, particularly in neutral shades or white.

Bring natural décor into the design as well, such as jute or seagrass or accessories inspired by nature.

As with any Hamptons design aesthetic, the ultimate goal with a bedroom is to create a place that you love, and that resonates with you and your lifestyle. Cool, casual, effortless and yet chic are all words that come to mind when you’re designing the perfect Hamptons-inspired retreat.

Source: Victoria Hagan Interior Design 


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