6 of the Most Beautiful French Styled Offices to Inspire You

6 of the Most Beautiful French Styled Offices to Inspire You

There’s something about the allure of all things French that tends to draw so many people in, regardless of where they’re located in the world.

Whether it’s the haute couture fashion Paris is known for, or the rambling old farmhouses of the French countryside, there’s a sense of style that’s worth capturing.

One of the areas where the French have held and continued to maintain the most significant influence is in interior design.


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Elements of French Design

Some of the essential elements of French interior design include bespoke furnishings united with antique heirlooms, light, airy colour palettes and timeless sophistication.

While elegance is key to quintessential French interior design, there’s never the feeling that things are overly styled or too staged. Instead, walking into a home or room with French design inspiration is going to feel instantly welcoming and thoroughly inviting, with layered elements and a lived-in ambiance.

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The French Office or Study

While you may have come across many inspirational photos of French-style bedrooms, living rooms, and even kitchens, there’s another space to consider in many homes, and that’s the office. With more people working at home, home offices and studies are an increasingly popular room to design.

So how do you capture everything you love about French style, while still ensuring you have a functional workspace?

Creating a Picturesque French Study

In many of the French-inspired photos shown here, the desk is the room’s focal point. Many of these desks are ornate in their design and reflect old world charm. The desks are often expansive and make it easy to envision yourself spreading out your work for the day. The chairs in these design inspiration photos are also elegant, many with gently curved legs, and upholstered seats and backs for comfort, and luxurious beauty.

A truly French home office tends to have eye-catching light fixtures, and perhaps even a chandelier.  Colour palettes are simple and light, which is great not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also because it creates a calm, oasis-like work environment.

Some of the colours you might consider using in your French-style home office design include rich creams and shades of beige, white, or powder blues.

Beautiful natural woods pair with sumptuous fabrics and metal accessories and lighting, and there’s never the feeling of these rooms being overly formal.

Also important in the design of a French-inspired home office are the accessories and details that really do make these rooms feel like a place you could comfortably settle in for the day, such as built-in shelves or armoires packed with well-worn books, fresh flowers or favorite pieces of art.

Finally, for the ideal French workspace, think about natural light. Let it pour into the space uninterrupted from heavy window coverings so that you can feel inspired and uplifted throughout the day.

Ultimately, the design concept of a French-style office or study should be focused on creating a sense of warmth, decadent, layered textures, and well-loved pieces of carefully crafted furniture. French-style offices should feel like they’re designed for longevity and evoke a sense of subtle sophistication and elegance that never goes out of style. 


    All images above via Pinterest



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