5 Ways to Incorporate Duck Egg Blue into a Hamptons Home

5 Ways to Incorporate Duck Egg Blue into a Hamptons Home

Hamptons interior design style has become synonymous with shades of blue added to the beautiful white and neutral colour palettes that dominate the aesthetic. Inspired by the coastal areas at the eastern edge of Long Island in the U.S., everything Hamptons-inspired cultivates ideas of relaxed luxury, cool elegance, and effortlessly chic style.

The homes found in the Hamptons bring in elements of the naturally beautiful surroundings this coastal area is known for, with timber floorboards, and open, breezy floorplans.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the addition of a pop of colour against the white, ivory and beige primary backdrops that are found in these design aesthetics. More often than not, the colour of choice added to Hamptons design concepts is blue, in its' many shades.


From dark navy blues to shades of turquoise, blue is the perfect addition because it’s a soothing, soft and gentle colour that also remains chic. Shades of blue are reminiscent of the clear skies and the rolling waves just outside the doors of these homes as well.

Quite possibly the favourite shade of blue for many Hamptons designers is duck egg blue. Duck egg blue is an incredibly soft shade of blue, with a bit of green and it’s been used since the 18th century. It’s not only prevalent in Hamptons design, but also in classic French décor and design.

Duck egg blue is as elegant as it is cosy, and it’s able to serve as a strong accent colour, adding warmth and distinctive personality, without taking away from the neutral shades of a Hamptons home. It’s a subtle colour that can be added while ensuring the overall look is one that’s tasteful and sophisticated.

Are you wondering how to incorporate duck egg blue? The following is some inspiration for pops of duck egg blue.

1. Table Lamps

Table lamps look beautiful in this particular shade of blue. It’s soft enough that the colour isn’t overwhelming in a relaxing bedroom, but yet it can still make a statement.



2. Cushions

One of the tenets of Hamptons design is incorporating just a bit of colour in the form of cushions. Solid or patterned cushions look gorgeous in duck egg blue.



3. Upholstered Bedhead

A large, statement-making upholstered bedhead is one of those pieces that every Hamptons bedroom needs, so why not integrate duck egg blue here? Paired with crisp, fresh white linens, it’s a stunning overall look.


4. Armchairs

Armchairs that look like you could sink into them for hours and relax with a good book are a cornerstone of Hamptons style, and they’re also a great place to add some shades of blue.



5. Artwork

Artwork is the perfect way to tie your duck egg palette together beautifully. Felicia Aroney's artwork, both original pieces and fine art work, is an ideal fit thanks to the organic elements and inspiration she uses, and the tranquility of the sea-inspired colour palettes.



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