4 Reasons Why Throws will Make Your House a Home

4 Reasons Why Throws will Make Your House a Home

A home that radiates elegance and a unique personality while still maintaining an ambiance of warmth and comfort, is one we all yearn to have. While the idea of putting it all together can be intimidating, it is not impossible. 

But where do you start? Believe it or not, your beautiful and sophisticated interiors can start with something as simple as throws and blankets.

Here are the four best reasons why throws will make your house a home:

1. They can give you beautiful colour and pattern possibilities.

Have you ever been in a situation where you really wanted to go for a certain colour but you don’t think you can commit to it ‘permanently’?

Throws can be your go-to addition that allow you to experiment across palettes of light and dark, as well as various patterns, without the need for costly changes in furniture.

They can be used to add a splash of life and light to a monochromatic space. They can also provide complementary hues for a painting or photo you want to highlight. Throw a printed or patterned throw over a sofa back cushion, over the side of an armchair, an ottoman or even a headboard, and you instantly lend a new look to the space.

Want to start with a versatile collection? Get some in classic shades - they’re flexible and can work with any design theme you go with. 


2. They can tie design elements together

If you want to drizzle your room with a couple of colorus and design themes, then you need a uniting element to make sure that your space stays elegant and cohesive.

Drape a throw over the biggest piece of furniture. Neutral colours are best in this role as they can easily go with the colours and patterns you mixed and matched.  


3. They can ‘protect’ your furniture from accidental spills and everyday wear and tear

Seat cushions are some of the most used parts of a room, and because of that, they easily succumb to colour fading, accidental spills, and wear and tear. Throws can serve as your seat’s barrier against those, while still serving their style-maker role in the space.

Make sure to choose throws and blankets made of high-grade material, so you don’t have to worry about them getting worn  easily. They should be machine-washable and can be tumble-dried for easier maintenance.


4. They soften up the look of a room, and make it an instant ‘comfort zone’.

A stylish home is appealing, but an inviting and comfortable space is really what you should be aiming for. You want a home that your friends and family feel comfortable  in, and make them want to stay - throws can help you achieve this feell.

Modern or contemporary-styled homes can benefit from the soft, luxurious texture of throws  - they make sharp edges and stark colors feel less intimidating.

They are also practicel to cosy up to in the cool winter months. Their warm soft texture entice you to just sit down, lie back, and enjoy the moment - definitely the kind of ‘feel’ you want in your living room, bedroom, or guest room.

Cosy up in style and drape the luxurious comfort provided for you by Bemboka throws and blankets from Lavender Hill Interiors. They are made of fine Merino wool and Angora or pure cotton, soft but lightweight, and available in classic colours. 



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