18 Elegantly Rustic French Provincial Houses You Will Love

Chateau Mireille in Provence. Image via

French provincial or countryside homes are all about warmth, charm and a sense of lived in beauty. Inside and out these homes capture what it means to balance classic and somewhat rustic design style with elegance.

The term French provincial is actually one that’s very broad, despite the defining characteristics that these homes share. Also, while outside of the traditional realm of provincial architecture, there are also chateau-style homes that are part of the sought-after French architecture.

Here are some of the elements that make the French architecture and interior design style so appealing around the world, and well outside the French countryside.

No 1: Dormer Windows & Gambrel Roofs

Some of the key features of French homes include dormer windows, which have a long history in architecture dating back to the 1600s. There are also distinctive roof styles such as the gambrel roof and the mansard roof as they’re referred to. These roof styles are also used frequently in Hamptons-style architecture.

Home in Provence. Image via Pinterest

House in Saint Emilion. Image via Pinterest


No 2: Stone & Timber

The elements used in French-inspired homes’ exteriors are often stone and timber, typically in combination with one another. While features like the dormers are common in French style homes, some are designed in more of a manor style, with a very traditional and symmetrical look.

Beautiful houses in Oppede. Image via Pinterest

Guest house in Le Mesnil Des Bois. Image via Pinterest 


No 3: Outdoor Space

Also similar to Hamptons homes, French home tend to make plenty of room for outdoor entertaining and they keep the separations between the indoors and outdoors limited. Expansive stone patios are a favourite in French homes for example.

Sharon Santoni's house from My French Country Home, in Provence.

Outdoor Atlanta interior designer Ginny Magher's 18th Century farmhous, Le Mas de Baraquet. Image via UK House and Garden


                      Oppede Villa in Luberon. Image via

Home in Provence. Image via Pinterest.


No 4. Shutters

For colour palettes, shades of blue and gray may be used on shutters and to add a bit of visual interest. Otherwise, the colours of the homes themselves are often warm beige tones and sand. In some cases red clay tiles may be used on the roofs.

18th Century farmhouse in Dordogne. Image via Pinterest

The vacation home of Aix-en-Provence-born celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai. Image via @archdigest

House in Provence. Image via Pinterest.

Home in Saint Etienne Du Gres. Image via Pinterest.

Vicki Archer's 17th Century restored villa in St Remy de Provence. Image via


No 5: Greenery

Greenery is an important component of French exteriors, whether it be ivy creeping along the walls in a timelessly elegant way, or manicured shrubs framing the entranceway.

Home in Provence. Image via Pinterest.

Oppede Villa in Luberon National Park. Image via

Grand chateau in Normandy. Image via Lamb & Blonde


No 6: Rustic Front Door

Finally, rustic front doors make a nice and authentic touch to a French home, as do wrought iron lights and details.

House in Roussillon. Image via Pinterest.

House in St Paul de Vence. Image via Pinterest.



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